A good deep ugly cry.

We are always so concerned about a loud laugh even when it’s fake and forced. We tell people if they are smiling, they are ‘strong’. That is useless if you have a heavy heart. We all are crying inside, TOO MUCH SCARED to show the world our scars. Not just the world, we are afraid... Continue Reading →


Success is a slow process, giving up won’t speed it up.

We all are always so much focused on the reward that we forget that we actually have to struggle hard for it. We are ready to give our success speech but we forget that we have to work hard for it. Each word of it comes with a great price. To gain something, we have... Continue Reading →

Forget everything for a moment.

Today, I really don’t feel like highlighting anything. Why don’t we leave all the things alone for some time? If something’s going fine, let’s just enjoy that and live the moment and just don’t care about the future. If it’s bad, just breathe and know that it’s actually a fact that no problem will take... Continue Reading →


Just to prove you’re MORE HALAL than the other girl or just because you personally dislike someone, sometimes one comes up with such baseless rumours that are created with no clue. We associate things so blindly just to let someone down in-front of everyone 1️⃣SHE CAME HOME LATE- I heard she sleeps with boys too.... Continue Reading →

Don’t expect to be anyone’s top priority.

HEYY!! 👀 hope you all are doing good. Sorry for being so inactive. So, It’s not healthy to simply EXPECT and if you’re expecting to be someone’s top priority, you need to change your mindset. Many people start linking it with “self-worth”. It’s simple, if you’re not someone’s first priority that doesn’t make you any... Continue Reading →


Accept that you can be wrong at times It’s easy to live in an imaginary bubble where you think you’re always right but that won’t give you any lesson. Be flexible, YOU CAN BE WRONG AT TIMES AND IT’S OKAY TO ACCPET THAT. Accept that sometimes what you want isn’t planned for you. You were... Continue Reading →


Hey there! hope you all are doing good.🌸 So today, let’s talk about hair-care. We all know our day goes fine when we have smoother and shinier hair. Imagine having an organic oil with a blend of fresh and pure natural ingredients (I’ll mention below), yeah that’s how they prepared this oil. 💆🏻‍♀️ INGREDIENTS USED... Continue Reading →

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